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Sky And Scopes, Issue #018 -- April 2012
May 11, 2012

Sky And Scopes, Issue #018 -- Latest Updates

In this issue of 'Sky And Scopes'.....

1)In this months issue we have highlighted a few of the new additions to our site.

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Solar Telescopes Revisited

Coronado solar telescopes

Meades range of Coronado solar telescopes with the RichView™ tuning method are an incredible breakthrough in solar observation and is built into every new Coronado SolarMax II


SolarMax II 60mm

There are always plenty of fascinating things happening in the heavens above that makes astronomy a huge amount of fun. The the reality is the universe is a state fo constant flux, many would probably say it's a “living” thing, simply because you never fully know just what you are likely to observe on any evening of stargazing.


Lunarphase Astronomy Software

The LunarPhase Astronomy Software is a utility for Windows which provides a range of information on the Moon and, to a lesser degree, the sun, graphically displaying the current phase of the moon and lunar data, in real time. Lunarphase Pro (LPP) needs about 35Mb hard disk space for its installation.


Stargazing Tips For Backyard Astronomers

In the event that you’re getting started with astronomy here are several stargazing tips that you may find useful.The most sensible thing to do is to first become familiar with the night sky with your eyes only.

On a clear night you will be able to easily see features on the Moon and the planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the occasional satellites and maybe even a few meteor showers.


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