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Sky And Scopes, Issue #015 -- January 2012
February 02, 2012

Sky And Scopes, Issue #015 -- Latest Updates

In this issue of 'Sky And Scopes'.....

1)In this months issue we have highlighted a few of the new additions to our site.

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Some of The Products Added This Month

Rokinon Diamond Black Reflector Telescope

This telescope features a Newtonian optical design with coated mirror optics and a 20mm secondary mirror to enhance light gathering capabilities and contrast.


Megrez 72 FD Doublet APO

The Megrez 72 FD Doublet APO operates at a fast focal ratio which makes it the perfect travelling companion for travel astrophotography, piggybacking or simply as a spotting scope.


Fujinon Polaris

These binoculars have been built to U.S. military specs for tip top optical performance, waterproofness and durability, and are amongst the very best marine binoculars made. The combination of ruggedness and quality also makes them a good choice for the amateur astronomer.

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Orion Shorty Barlow Lens

For approximately the same cost as a single telescope eyepiece, this handy accessory essentially doubles the quantity of eyepieces at your fingertips.

This Orion Barlow Lens gets its name from its compact size, being just 3" long end to end , that's about half the length of a typical barlow lens.


Norton's Star Atlas

The most famous guide to the stars is now the most accessible! Generations of amateur astronomers have called it simply Norton's: the most famous star atlas in the world

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