Orion Shorty Barlow Lens

Why not give your telescope a real boost in magnification with the Orion Shorty barlow lens which doubles the power of any eyepiece.

This is a cost effective way of increasing the amount of eyepieces in your arsenal without doubling the price.

For approximately the same cost as a single telescope eyepiece, this handy accessory essentially doubles the quantity of eyepieces at your fingertips.

This Orion Barlow Lens gets its name from its compact size, being just 3" long end to end , that's about half the length of a typical barlow lens.

It's short 1.25" diameter barrel is just 1.6" long, which allows it to fit easily into any 1.25" star diagonal, making it really good to use with refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. In actual fact, it works with all kinds of telescope. The Shorty's 2x amplifier lens is an achromatic glass doublet that's multi-coated to ensure excellent light transmission.

The machined and anodized aluminum housing is internally baffled to do away with undesirable reflections and improve contrast. Barrel is threaded to accept filters.

The Orion Shorty performs exactly as expected. It offers a clean, sharp image, particularly towards the center, whilst it's short design makes it simple and straightforward to use. An extremely convenient point is that the Shorty can be changed just as quickly as any ordinary eyepiece.

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