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Sky And Scopes, Issue #013 -- November 2011
November 30, 2011

Sky And Scopes, Issue #013 -- Latest Updates

In this issue of 'Sky And Scopes'.....

1)In this months issue we have highlighted a few of the new additions to our site.

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Some of The Products Added This Month

Optron Telescopes

iOptron are World leaders in the specialization, development, manufacture and marketing of ground breaking astronomical telescopes, mounts and accessories, together with cutting-edge optical instruments for numerous applications. Several models have been included this month including astroboy 1 and SmartStar R80


William Optics Star Diagonal

This Diagonal offers the highest achievable brightness, contrast and sharpness during critical observations with high end instruments.


William Optics ZenithsStar 80II ED

The ZenithsStar 80II ED features the latest and arguably the best DDG (Digital) Focuser currently available, offering a superior performance to many other typical 2" Crayford focusers, and is more robust and features more load bearing capacity.


Gazing at the Moon

For many individuals, gazing at the Moon is their initial exposure to celestial bodies. There is no doubt that it is really impressive just how much detail can be seen on the Moon's surface even with the naked eye.

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Astronomy Holiday Tours

Astronomy is among the oldest of the sciences, and its roots can be found in a number of of the World's earliest civilisations,

Amateur astronomers and interested stargazers can now carry their passion for the cosmos to any number of superb locations that are dotted throughout the World.


Where it warrants it we will have a feedback form covering each section, so you will be able to leave your comments, ideas, tips, images and thoughts on all aspects related to astronomy

Until Next Time, Keep Looking up..............


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