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Astronomy is among the oldest of the sciences, and its roots can be found in a number of of the World's earliest civilisations, with many references to stars and constellations to be found within the Bible.

Amateur astronomers and interested stargazers can now carry their passion for the cosmos to any number of superb locations that are dotted throughout the World.

Regardless of whether you wish to experience the power of a total eclipse, go in pursuit of a meteor shower or observe the remarkable northern lights, you can choose an astronomy holiday and observe some of the astonishing astronomical events in the night sky.

From cold and icy destinations, desert locations or green lush pastures under dark skies there are plenty of places for you to go and use a variety of small and large telescopes to experience all the miracles of the night sky. Galaxies, nebulae and planets even comets can be observed when they are at their most spectacular.

Several of these locations have their own accommodation whilst others are close to observatories,planetariums or science days out. You can go under your own steam or choose one of the many tours companies who have a varied itinary.

Of course you do not have to be an astronomer to enjoy the wonderments of the night sky, in fact it may provide you with a very good reason to visit far flung destinations. These holidays can provide not only the opportunity to explore countries but also observe wondrous sights and meet interesting new individuals.

Depending on your destination and time of year it's possible to see events such as total eclipses and the northern lights which are just as amazing as anything you can find in nature and that can be appreciated by an entire group of people simultaneously. For countless people the group companionship at these events can make the experience even more interesting and memorable.

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