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Sky And Scopes, Issue #011 -- September 2011
September 22, 2011

Sky And Scopes, Issue #011 -- Latest Updates

In this issue of 'Sky And Scopes'.....

1)In this months issue we have highlighted a few of the new additions to our site.

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Some of The Many New Products Added This Month

Celestron Eyepieces

These eyepieces come with some really great high end features including retractable eyecups for eyeglass wearers, parfocal design (no refocusing between other Luminos eyepieces) and a polished hard anodized aluminum barrel for durability and high end appearance. Read more

Celestron Nightscape CCD Camera

Using a Kodak 10.7MP Color Sensor and regulated TEC cooling system, Nightscape can give you instant results in just a single exposure. Coupled with the internal mechanical shutter and control software you can also automatically combine multiple images and dark frames to create images comparable to those taken with professional grade cameras costing thousands more.Read More

William Optics Uwan 4mm Eyepiece

The William Optics UWAN 4mm 1.25" Eyepiece is the ultimate high power eyepiece for ultra wide field views, and delivers truly remarkable views of the sky all at an impressive price. Long gone are the times when a high quality eyepiece had to cost an arm and leg. Read more

Williams FLT 123 Triplet AP

Made by LZOS with OK4 glass, this is amongst the very best objectives offering outstanding overall performance. At F/6 the telescope is fast, compact and is extremely versatile.Read more


Dwarf Stars Found

Scientists using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered six "Y dwarfs"-- star-like bodies with temperatures as cool as the human body.

This artist's conception illustrates what a "Y dwarf" might look like. Y dwarfs are the coldest star-like bodies known, with temperatures that can be even cooler than the human body. Read more

Astronomy Holiday Tours And Destinations

Amateur astronomers and interested stargazers can now carry their passion for the cosmos to any number of superb locations that are dotted throughout the World.

Regardless of whether you wish to experience the power of a total eclipse, go in pursuit of a meteor shower or observe the remarkable northern lights.Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Read more

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