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Sky And Scopes, Issue #010 -- August2011
August 23, 2011

Sky And Scopes, Issue #010 -- Latest Updates

In this issue of 'Sky And Scopes'.....

1)In this months issue we have highlighted a few of the new additions to our site.

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Some of The Many New Products Added This Month

Apogee CCD Camera

The Apogee Alta U Camera Series focuses on quality and reliability so you can focus on innovation and discovery. There are so many improvements in such a small package.

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Baader Hyperion Eyepiece

For amateur astronomers there is no need to spend more on their eyepieces than their primary instrument in order to get true high-end performance in a wide-field eyepiece.

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Baader Neodymium Filter

The Baader Neodymium filter enhances views of the Moon, Planets, deep sky objects and is ideal for all sizes of telescope because of it's high light transmission and quality multicoatings. Many amateur astronomers agree that if you only ever purchase just one filter for your telescope this should be the one.

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The SkyShed POD (Personal Observatory Dome) is probably one of the most configurable observatories available anywhere. You can choose from a permanent, mobile, slotted dome, clam shell dome, slide off dome, In fact an all in one configuration that fits your location,object, and even your mood.

Sky Shed Pod


Several interesting articles have been added this month.

Neighbors In Outer Space

There has always existed an exceptional connection between humans and the planets that circle our Sun. Of course It's possible that itís all of the sci-fi tales about traveling to the Moon, Mars and various other planets we see constantly on our televisions and in the movies.

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Comets From Beyond Our Solar System

Amateur astronomers enjoy looking up into the heavens to not only observe the planets and stars but also the approach of comets, many of which provide a dazzling display. Many of these marvelous objects can be seen with binoculars or even the naked eye.

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About Asteroids

There are always plenty of fascinating things happening in the heavens above that makes astronomy a huge amount of fun. The the reality is the universe is a state fo constant flux, many would probably say it's a living thing, simply because you never fully know just what you are likely to observe on any evening of stargazing.

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Shooting Stars

There are many intriguing details concerning the life of a meteoroid which make the observation of shooting stars a whole lot more fun. A meteoroid only needs to weigh as little as a millionth of a gram in order to be seen.

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Astronomy Holiday

Amateur astronomers and interested stargazers can now carry their passion for the cosmos to any number of superb locations that are dotted throughout the World

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Where it warrants it we will have a feedback form covering each section, so you will be able to leave your comments, ideas, tips, images and thoughts on all aspects related to astronomy

Until Next Time, Keep Looking up..............


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