Apogee Alta U Series

The Apogee Alta U Camera Series focuses on quality and reliability so you can focus on innovation and discovery. There are so many improvements in such a small package.

There are no external controllers, no plug-in cards, no frame grabbers, and with icron's USB extenders using Cat5 cable or fiber, the cameras can be up to 10 km from the host computer.

Very high resolution CCDs include the Alta U16M (4096 x 4096 with 9 micron pixels) and Alta U9000 (3072 x 3072 with 12 micron pixels.

Both sensors have microlensing for improved quantum efficiency (QE) and anti-blooming gates to prevent smearing.

The Alta U16 is also 4096 x 4096 with 9 micron pixels, but without microlensing or anti-blooming.

All are ideal for applications requiring large field of view, such as sky surveys and radiology. The Alta U8300 (3326 x 2504 with 5.4 micron pixels) provides very high resolution for short focal lengths, an excellent entry point for true scientific imaging.

Apogee Alta U Series


  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Resolution from 512 x 512 to more than 39 megapixels
  • Wide variety of CCD architectures
  • Single ActiveX driver and open source Linux driver for all models
  • Free / open source driver for MicroManager / Image J software
  • Dual 12/16-bit digitization to 32 Mbtye camera memory
  • No plug in cards or external controllers
  • Programmable cooling to 70C below ambient
  • Precision Time Delayed Integration readout
  • Programmable fan speed for zero vibration
  • Runs from single 12V supply

High Performance Cooled CCD Camera Systems

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