SkyShed Pod Observatory

The SkyShed POD (Personal Observatory Dome) is probably one of the most configurable observatories available anywhere. You can choose from a permanent, mobile, slotted dome, clam shell dome, slide off dome, In fact an all in one configuration that fits your location,object, and even your mood.

A pod is a inexpensive, permanent or semi-permanent astronomical housing that has been designed to enable amateur astronomers an opportunity to take joy in considerably more sky time with their much-loved pastime.

Two or three adults can operate inside a POD in comfort with a tripod mounted telescope. If you can mount your telescope on a pier it will provide you with even further space.

The concept from the very beginning was to offer a high quality, inexpensive means for the amateur astronomer to get additional time underneath the stars. After considerable testing in a variety of conditions the Personal Observatory Dome has proven that it is a great way of protecting all your astronomical equipment whilst keeping the elements at bay. Of course you should still keep your scope, eyepieces and other valuable gear covered or in containers.

In contrast to traditional astronomy domes the POD as standard provides a one hundred and eighty degree wide angle view of the sky which allows you to view objects whilst being able to talk with fellow astronomers over the side.

An additional benefit is that the dome does not have to be continuously rotated as you track objects in the sky. For astronomers who wish to shield out invasive light the POD is the ideal accessory. It fits within the dome, and can be opened up or closed as required in just a few seconds.

As it has a variable width opening between 31 and 81 inches, it's possible to decide on how much of the sky you wish to expose. The Visor is excellent for protecting against the elements too.

Many amateur astronomers firmly believe that the Skyshed POD delivers the very best combination of value, performance and simplicity of use. This is an observatory in a box, ready to install and use the very same day it arrives.

Construction materials are far simpler to manage when compared to fiberglass or metal found in a large number of competing products. Furthermore, precisely how many other amateur observatories can be tossed on the rear of a pickup and taken with you on a weekend trip to the mountains?

There are now thousands of amateur astronomers from around the globe who are now proud POD owners and have experienced first hand the pleasure and joy of owning a POD, and in the process have a significantly more active astronomical life.

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