Baader Neodymium Filter

Moon & Skyglow Filter

The Baader Neodymium filter enhances views of the Moon, Planets, deep sky objects and is ideal for all sizes of telescope because of it's high light transmission and quality multicoatings. Many amateur astronomers agree that if you only ever purchase just one filter for your telescope this should be the one.

Red, green and blue colors are enhanced, the background sky is darkened, and image brightness is maintained. Baader Planetarium Moon and Skyglow Neodymium Filter filters out Moon glow wavelengths in addition to those from street lighting.

A premium selective bandpass filter to cut a major part of light pollution and greatly intensify the H-alpha wavelength of the visual spectrum working as a whole like an RGB-Intensifier.

This is achieved with the use of the rare earth element Neodymium, whose effect as an astronomical filter is unique. The effect is incredibly impressive particularly when applied on the planets Jupiter and Mars.

This filter improves contrast significantly for all reflector telescopes, without loss of brightness. The most recent production run features multilayer coatings on both sides, which makes the genuine Neodymium Moon and Skyglow-Filter the brightest in this family of filters.

Greatly intensifying surface details on Mars, Jupiter and the Moon and enhancing many Deep Sky galaxies and nebulae against the background sky.

Baader Neodymium Filter Features

  • Selective contrast enhancing filter, especially suitable for all reflector type telescopes and true Apochromats.
  • Transmitts a maximum of light, while blocking unwanted skyglow and many street light emissions.
  • Especially effective on small economy telescopes which cannot benefit from expensive narrow-band nebula filters due to the huge light-loss involved.
  • Unique selective blocking feature of the NEODYMIUM element greatly reduces glare, without reducing recognition of important color and brightness variations. Transmission within the selected wave bands exceeds 95%.
  • Available for 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, barlows and accessories.
  • Built in IR-Cut-Filter for all CCD and digital camera work. This combination works extremely well due to cutting all unfocused light, an absolute must for digital imaging.
  • Planeoptically polished! Retains full image resolution even at highest magnification, way above 200x, or during eyepiece projection work, even in front of a binocular viewer.
  • Phantom coating group - Ultrahard and durable Ion-beam hardened coatings, may be cleaned anytime without fear.
  • No image degradation as with `flame polished` filters.
  • Non-vignetting filter cells, larger in aperture than any competing design, featuring a CNC milled `crown` for ease of handling and attachment.
  • If you have never seen the GRS (Great Red Spot) on Jupiter or surface features on Mars with this filter you probably will!

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