Baader Hyperion 3.5mm Eyepiece

The Baader Hyperion 3.5mm Eyepiece delivers a true 68º field of view with 20mm of eye relief and is compatible with both 1.25" and 2" focusers. Famous for sharp, high-contrast images with a flat field, even in fast telescopes.

For amateur astronomers there is no need to spend more on their eyepieces than their primary instrument in order to get true high-end performance in a wide-field eyepiece.

Baader Hyperion eyepieces have been completely redesigned to deliver better transmission, contrast, and many useful new features. Baader Planetarium has worked hard to give the Hyperions the world's finest optical coatings, superb mechanics, and their unique multi-functional design.

High grade water-white glasses are used throughout, to deliver a crystal clear view with low scatter and excellent colour fidelity, free of the yellow or bluish colouration exhibited by many other eyepieces of lesser quality. Use of high-index glasses delivers low distortion and astigmatism, even on scopes as fast as f/4 making the Hyperion extremely versatile for all designs of telescope.

Baader Planetarium has gone to great lengths to give the Hyperions the most advanced multicoatings ever used on amateur telescope eyepieces. The Hyperion Phantom Group™ multi-coatings and coating equipment are proprietary to Baader and have been specifically for the Baader Hyperions, and optimized for each of the glasses used.

These coatings are applied with the latest thin-film German coating equipment and process controls. The results are coatings that truly rival the best in the world - including the famous Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic. The difference is clearly visible - users report that the Hyperions clearly show fainter stars and darker sky with more contrast than the competitive clones.

The Baader Hyperion mechanics have been engineered by Baader to incorporate careful opto-mechanical design and execution of internal baffling to eliminate stray light and ghost reflections.

Baader Hyperion 3.5mm Eyepiece

The eyelens reveals a pitch black interior without distracting and contrast-robbing glints of light from unbaffled lens or shiny metal surfaces.

Works in both 1.25" and 2" focusers. The 1.25" barrel is threaded for filters and kept short to work well in binoviewers and spotting scopes. Baader's housing incorporates a full-length 2" barrel and provides a specially designed tapered locking recess for added security.

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