Astro Physics Equatorial Mount

Mach1GTO German Equatorial Mount

This Astro Physics Mach1GTO Equatorial Mount is the first, compact, light-weight mounting that was designed for utmost portability while maintaining extreme rigidity and excellent tracking accuracy. No shortcuts were taken to achieve these goals.

From the highly-accurate fine-pitch gearbox to the precision-machine tool bearings, to the innovative worm wheel and clutch design, this mount represents a new approach to this vital part of the overall imaging train.

The advent of modern CCD cameras and telescopes with high-resolution optics has placed greater demands on the ability of mountings to do their part to achieve precision tracking and guiding.

At the same time, the mounting should be easy to use with adjustments and setups that are straight-forward and accurate. Everything possible has been done to eliminate the frustrations and limitations inherent in a lesser mounting and so put the fun back into the hobby of amateur astronomy.

Principal features of the Mach1GTO Equatorial Mount

The heart of this mount is a precision gearbox using high-quality fine-pitch gears, coupled to a highly accurate worm and worm wheel. These parts are manufactured and assembled at Astro Physics facility and individually tested to meet or exceed periodic error spec of 7 arc seconds (+/- 3.5 arc sec.).

The servo drive uses the same Swiss motors found on our larger mounts. They are oversized and easily drive the mount at full slew speeds in below-freezing temperatures.

The brass worm is machined to have a true helical thread, clean and accurate for minimum periodic error. The PE is smoothly variant with extremely low ripple or moment to moment error.

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