Meade Telescopes

It's really no surprise that Meade telescopes have become a world innovator in the manufacture and design of optical instruments and accessories for amateur astronomers.

Meade's imaginative and technically advanced products are acknowledged to be among the finest to be found anywhere.

The company offers an extensive array of optical instruments, accessories and components for both the beginner and serious amateur, and it was the ability to provide such a wide range of accessories and parts that allowed the company to provide its very first in-house manufactured optical instruments.

Meade Telescopes

It didn't take long for amateur astronomers to discover that they had for the very first time in Meade a manufacturer that made available a high quality product at an affordable price, and that regularly updated its products technically.

Meade reflecting and refracting instruments are considered by many to be the best that money can buy. Popular ranges include the LX90, LX200 and ETX series.

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Meade have an impressive record of continual innovation and have a long list of firsts in the industry including the very first 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain to include a worm-gear drive and commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains which integrated electronic drive systems.

Other firsts include...

the permanently-programmed periodic error correction software, the apochromatic refractors with automatic slewing and GO TO capability, the fully computerized observatory-class Schmidt-Cassegrain, the intermediate-level telescopes with automatic slewing and GO TO capability, the ultra-high transmission coatings for commercial catadioptric telescopes and with continued with a multitude of innovative developments ever since.

The engineers at Meade Telescopes are continuously searching for methods to make their products even better, to minimize production costs, and to design brand new and interesting products.

Meade Telescope Accessories

To complement their telescopes there is a large choice of Meade telescope accessories to satisfy even the most discerning astronomer.

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If you're visiting from the U.S.A, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia you'll find a good selection of many at discounted prices. It's always worth checking out the latest offerings.

Meade DS2000 Telescope Series
These scopes are very easy to operate and yet remain sophisticated, fully computer-guided GO TO telescopes.

Meade LX200
Featuring probably one of the most highly developed optical systems that you're likely to find anywhere

Meade ETX
Two of the biggest challenges facing amateur astronomers have now been overcome, namely, aligning and locating objects

Meade ETX 90
This telescope features an highly developed Maksutov-Cassegrain design for pinpoint star images and outstanding contrast.

Meade 90AZ Telescope
This attractive and solidly constructed entry level telescope will let you see a great amount of detail on the Moon, view the main division in the rings of Saturn

Meade LS Telescope The Meade revolutionary LS ™ LightSwitch™ series of telescopes make use of state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS, LNT™ and ECLIPS™ CCD imaging

Meade LX90
This must be the ultimate solution for the serious astroimager or visual astronomer who requires observatory class optics.

Meade LXD75
Meade's LXD75 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope offers a high end equatorial mount, with an heavy duty all metal field tripod and precision drive system.

Meade LX800
The Meade LX800 sets a new standard in astrophotograhic and visual performance that will be hard to follow

Coronado-Solar Telescopes
Powerful but very portable, the SolarMax II series offers dedicated visual observation of the Sun as well as high quality imaging.

Meade 5000 ED APO
Meade uses the finest Japanese FCD1 ED (Extremely Low Dispersion) glass. This glass is created to achieve a very small change in refractive index with different wavelengths of light

Meade Reflector Telescope
This scope allows you to viewdistant and more difficult to find celestial objects in much finer detail.

Meade Refractor Telescope
For crisp wide field observing and imaging, nothing can beat a true triple-element apochromatic refractor

Meade Lightbridge Portable Dobsonian Telescope
This Dobsonian goes together and can be taken apart in just a couple minutes so you can set it up at your home or take it to your favorite dark sky location with ease

Meade LT Series
Fully featured, computer controlled ACF telescope that sets a high performance standard for similarly priced instruments.

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