Orion Optics

Not to be confused with Orion Telescopes an American based company, Orion Optics is a company based in the United Kingdom and manufacture high quality astronomical telescopes and hand finished optics.

There are five main telescope ranges currently in their range. The difference between them is the optical accuracy and coatings of the optics, the engineering of the telescope tube and the degree of sophistication and carrying power of the mount. All optics are manufactured by Orion.

Telescopes from the VX Range are an excellent choice and recommended for both beginners and seasoned amateurs.

The EQ5M Mount and Tripod coupled with Orion Optics’ established high quality telescope tube, ensure the combination give both a simple to use system and, a guarantee of superb image quality.

Objects in the night sky appear to be many different sizes. From infinitely small stars to enormous galaxies, occupying almost five full moons in apparent diameter.

To enable all these to be viewed successfully with one telescope is not possible, if it was, there would only be the need for just one telescope to carry out all jobs.

To enable a narrower and, more selective range of objects to be viewed well, a telescope is chosen with a focal ratio best suited to give a higher performance.

As a general rule, long/high f numbers, f10 or higher, are mostly chosen for use with planets and the moon. Short f numbers, f4 or shorter are used for dedicated deep sky use. All f numbers in between, can be considered as general purpose instruments.

For those into digital photography you will find that most of the scopes by Orion are suitable for astrophotography, using almost any domestic camera will give some outstanding results.

Orion VX Telescopes
The VX series, is the culmination of combining many of the quality features of Orion's optical tube assemblies.

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