Konus Telescopes

The range of Konus telescopes are recognized worldwide for maintaining a balance of both quality and price in its products.

In addition the company's top of the range models offer premium quality optics and mounts at inexpensive price points.

For enthusiasts, the majority of models of the Konus are readily available and affordable, which means that hobbyists and first time telescope buyers can purchase quality optics at comparatively low cost.

Should you be a more serious telescope user, the purchase price news is still excellent.

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With Konus's top end telescopes complete with motorized tracking retailing for between $300 and $700 based on size and features, which means that you can purchase an extremely powerful telescope for under $1000.

Konus Digimax 90 Telescope
This telescope is powerful and versatile enough to deliver a great performance while observing the Moon, Planets and many Deep-Space objects.

Konusmotor 70 Refractor Telescope
This Konus refractor telescope features an impressive optical and mechanical quality that translates into a great visual performance on the field.

Konusky 200 Reflector Telescope
This telescope brings together maximum power and outstanding luminosity provided by an extremely large Parabolic Primary Mirror.

Konus Konustart 700
This telescope has very good success amongst the younger astronomer, this is exactly why Konus considered developing a special featured line to assist them to in their hobby.

Konusmotor 130
This model has a distinctive optical and mechanical quality for an exciting astronomical experience.

Konus MotorMax 90
This reflector telescope is ideal for observation of the Moon, Planets and Galaxies and is suitable for beginner to intermediate.

Konuspace 6 Telescope
You can see the surface of the moon at up to 100X magnified with this high-quality beginners telescope

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