Star Party

A star party is a getting together of amateur astronomers for the purpose of viewing the sky, and also taking the opportunity to see and use astronomical equipment used by fellow astronomers.

Although star parties are certainly not a new idea they have been increasing in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades.

Whereas local star parties may just be for one night only, larger events may last upto several weeks or even longer, and can bring in hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people.

A large number of regional star parties are held yearly and are a significant part of the pastime of amateur astronomy. It is quite common to choose a rural site well away from any light pollution.

Amateur astronomers will take telescopes and binoculars of all kinds and spend their time viewing astronomical objects, including planets, comets, stars, and deep sky objects.

Taking pictures has also become part of the star party scene using a variety of digital cameras, webcams and ccd imaging equipment.

The larger star parties may also include lectures, swap meets, exhibitions of home-built telescopes, competitions, and other similar activities.

It is at these events that commercial vendors may also participate selling an assortment of astronomical equipment. Just like any other enthusiast meeting, there is certainly much companionship and dialogue on various aspects of telescopes and astronomy.

Amateur astronomers can also indulge themeselves in their passion for the cosmos by taking an astronomy holiday at one of the many superb locations that are located around the World.

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