Telescope Pier

Permanent Telescope Pier

If you are looking to eliminate shaking and vibrations from your ruining your celestial viewing, there is nothing to beat the rock solid stability of a permanent telescope pier.

Although tripods are extremely convenient a portable or permanent pier is the ultimate way to prevent vibrations from spoiling your sky gazing observations and astro photography.

Companies such as Advanced Telescope Systems,Meade, Pier-Tech and Astro-Physics offer a range of piers that will satisfy even the most discerning amateur astronomer.

There are electro-mechanical piers which are designed for the observer who wishes to raise and lower the pier by a push of a button. These are able to lift a wide variety of weight to different heights, these devices can be controlled through a laptop computer or even from a remote location.

Piers are available in diffent heights, and permanent piers are designed to safely carry the telescope in all it's orientations being specifically designed for different payloads. They are equally at home in a professional observatory or in an amateur's backyard.

Piers offer the benefit of a solid permanent base for your observing platform while being fully adjustable for precision north polar alignment and many are totally weather resistant. Some models are designed for observing in a sitting position, the application of accessories and even the addition of mobile casters.

Portable Piers

Portable Piers are best suited for those with limited space or frequently on the move. Some companies offer custom designs with specific heights and payloads. While others have a motorized system to raise and lower the telescope height.

Telescope Pier

Meade Permanent Equatorial Pier For 16" LX200

Meade 16" Permanent Equatorial Pier. This steel pier offers an outstandingly rigid, permanently mounted installation engineered to minimize any vibration.

Strong enough to carry the weight of the 16" LX200 with any and all accessories including piggybacked telescopes. This pier is a full 10" diameter and features 1/2" wall thickness for rock solid performance.

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