Unitron Telescopes

A large number of amateur astronomers have grown up with Unitron telescopes, and they continue to be a firm favorite with many.

Unitron have been designing and producing celestial and terrestrial telescopes since the early fifties, and there have been a number of remarkable advancements ever since then.

For outstanding terrestrial and celestial viewing there is a wide variety of refractor telescopes. From 2" Altazimuth to 2.4" Equatorial and 3" and 4" models, they are an great choice.

On offer to the amateur stargazer is a choice of top quality refractor telescopes which are built to the most exacting standards.

The addition of the ImageTracâ„¢ automatic celestial navigation system which was developed for the 3" equatorial refractor, means that you can spend more of your valuable time observing objects rather than looking for them.

You will also find there's a large database of pre-plotted points, plus the ability to remember your own personal discoveries and therefore making the most out of each and every skywatching session.

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