Tasco Telescopes

Although Tasco telescopes are one of the major international distributors of telescopes, a number of serious amateur astronomers do not take them too seriously, simply because many of their scopes are sold through high street retail outlets.

Nevertheless Tasco produce a range of telescopes that continues to appeal to a wide audience of budding astronomers.

Tasco Telescopes

There are three categories of telescopes, the Novice, Luminova, and Spacestation , with a number of models in each series.

The Novice 60mm refractor is probably the most economical of the scopes, using manual focus and view finding. The moon and Jupiter are amazing through this scope.

Three eyepieces and a Barlow lens are included for optimum flexibility. This model is lightweight making it extremely portable so its possible to take it away on vacation as well.

While at the high end the Spacestation utilizes fully automated sky-mapping, and "GoTo" technology.

The magnification ranges between 25 and 675 times. Both reflection and refraction telescopes are available in each category.

Reflection telescopes are cheaper to fabricate and use mirrors to produce a low-resolution image to the viewer, whereas refraction scopes use high-quality lenses to focus light, presenting a much clearer and brighter image.

Tasco Space Station Telescope
With a focal length of 500mm and focal ratio of f/4.4 Tasco Spacestation 114×500mm this reflector Telescope makes it practical for deep sky observation

Tasco 48T Telescope
This model is great for youngsters who are keen to get into studying the planets and stars

Tasco Luminova
This model has high magnification, fine adjustment, and includes moon filter and barlow lens.

Tasco Telescope Review
If you already own a Tasco scope we would love to hear from you, send us what you think are the pros and cons of your model

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