Takahashi Telescopes

In 1979 Takahashi telescopes introduced their 90mm f/10 FC-90 fluorite apochromatic refracting scope, and with it they completely revolutionized the world of amateur astronomy.

In addition to producing fluorite apochromats up to 250mm there are mountings and a variety of state-of-the-art telescopes including the four-element FSQ-106, Hyperbolic Astrographs, Newtonian-Cassegrains and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains.

Their Polar equatorial mounts include the ultra-compact Teegul Sky Patrol 2 and the 350lb. capacity, 2.5 arc-second accurate EM-3500 observatory mount.

They also manufacture two small, compact alt-azimuth mountings with fine slow-motion controls for individuals who favor the simplicity of this design for terrestrial and astronomical applications.

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Takahashi instruments are made by hand to extremely tight tolerances. Only the finest components are used and they offer a full five-year warranty on all mechanical and optical assemblies.

Without doubt these scopes are for serious astronomers who have a large budget. There is a large range of high quality refractors, reflectors and the recently introduced Epsilon-180 f/2.8. astrographm for those who require a dedicate instrument.

Telescope Types

Orion Takahashi Refractor

Takahashi reflectors include the Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Telescopes by Takahashi(shown here), which combines refractor-like performance in a larger folded optic reflector design.


..the Takahashi C-400 16" f/14 Classical Cassegrain which is part of Takahashi's Observatory Series telescopes designed primarily for research and educational institutions.

There are six series of refractors scopes including FCL,FS,FCT, FCQ,TOA and TSA.

Full information on all their models can be found at Takahashi America

Here is a very nice setup

Takahashi FS60CB Apochromatic Refractor
Its excellent versatility will appeal to all amateur observers. It can very easily be used for the visual observation, as well as astronomical or terrestrial.

Takahashi Sky 90
Despite having everything completely extended it still only measures about 19".

Takahashi TSA-10S2
The compact size, less than 23° with the lens shade retracted, makes the TSA-102 the perfect airline ready apochromat.

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