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Welcome to telescopes for amateur astronomers, where you will find unbiased advice, personal reviews and recommendations for discovering the most appropriate astronomy telescope for your own specific circumstances.

It's widely accepted that astronomical components for amateur astronomers are almost as diverse and dynamic as the night sky itself.

With so many different products available, trying to identify the most appropriate setup can easily turn into a minefield, and may if you're not careful cause you to get off track very quickly.

Here on our website you'll soon discover a vast assortment of the world's leading astronomy telescopes and binoculars, with excellent information, statistics and facts, together with some of the lowest prices to be found anywhere.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner on the verge of taking your very first step into astronomy or an expert observer looking for a professional scope, our huge collection of information on all manner of optical instruments will certainly ensure you find one to match your requirements and most importantly.... your budget.

You will find high quality scopes, accessories and telescope eyepieces that will satisfy even the most discerning astronomer.

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We have divided our website into sections by brands and type..

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  • Meade
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  • Obsession
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  • Tasco
  • Televue
  • Unitron
  • Vixen
  • William Optics
  • Zhumell

... scope types

... such as reflecting, refracting, catadioptric and Dobsonian,which are themselves divided into many sub-categories, and sturdy mounts which play such an important part in your overall viewing pleasure, particularly if you intend to do any astrophotography.

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Haven't decided on your setup yet?.... Not to worry..

In the event that you haven't yet quite decided on the setup that you're looking for, you will want to check out our guide to buying a telescope, which contains a mass of helpful information and important tips on the things you should take into consideration before parting with your hard earned cash.

As increasing numbers of readers become curious on the subject of astronomy, a number of the very same important questions crop up repeatedly. For that reason we have put together a frequently asked questions section to assist the budding astronomer in his or her new found passion.

Telescope reviews play their part too, and are worth taking into account. Getting first hand information on the pros and cons of a model can be a great help.

Intermediate and seasoned astronomers will also find interesting facts and discover a wealth of indispensable information on many of the latest models.

We are both excited and proud to be able to offer you an easy and enjoyable journey into the world of astronomy.

We haven't forgotten the kids either. Astronomy for kids is a great hobby that is both fun and educational and we have a complete section covering everything they need to know about astronomy.

Astronomy Binoculars too have their place, and are a good introduction to the wonders of the universe. They have a wide field of view making them useful for comet and supernova seeking and general observation use.

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