Vixen Telescopes

There is a huge range of Vixen telescopes and mounts for amateur astronomers of all levels. Most Vixen Mounts and Telescopes are interchangeable, so as your requirements change, the industry standard Universal Dove Tail System allows you to change your equipment accordingly.

In most instances, users can change out an optical tube for the next size and continue with their observation.

Reflector Telescopes

Their range of Reflector Telescopes are compact, lightweight with optical tubes that deliver sharp central images with no chromatic aberration.

Vixen Telescopes

From the lightweight and portable 5" Newtonian Reflector scope for the new astronomer (shown to the right), to the top of the range Vixen VMC330L telescope for the serious astronomer, which is a unique catadioptric telescope featuring Dielectric lens coating.

It is an excellent telescope for observing galaxies, faint nebula and distant planets.With its open tube the telescope cools down quicker than an SCT or classical Maksutov-Cassegrain.

Refractor Telescopes

Vixen Refractor Telescopes store and handle easily which makes them a great choice for any astronomical observing .Light is collected through the objective lens to provide a consistently stable field of view.

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Vixen starter models include the A70LF, which offers excellent views of the moon and planets, with the top of the line ED115S, with a full 4.5" aperture for detailed views of the night sky.

The New AX103, quad design optical tube, delivers sharp images to the edges of the field of view, and the Vixen Space Eye 50mm and 70mm models.

Vixen AX103S Refractor
The built in Dual Speed Focuser enables coarse and fine focus adjustments.

Vixen A70lf Achromatic Refractor
With this scope you will, be on your way to discovering the craters and mountains on the moon and many other wonderous sights

Vixen A80MF Telescope
Through its "eye" you'll reveal the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, mountains and craters on the Moon.

Vixen ED81S Telescope
The ED81S with the Sphinx mount brings together the highest quality short length telescope with the finest quality GOTO mount.

Vixen ED80Sf Telescope
The ED80Sf comes complete with a 9x50 finder-scope, finder bracket, 2" eyepiece adapter , 1.25" flip mirror , tube rings, dovetail plate and aluminum telescope case.

Vixen ED115S Telescope
The new lenses focus the full spectrum of visible light to a critical point much more accurately than past ED products.

Vixen 130mm Reflector Telescope
Using a standard 20mm Plossl, the entire moon fills the eyepiece. You’ll also see many star clusters and dark clouds, as well as nebulas and galaxies.

Vixen R130Sf Reflector
The visual observer will delight in wide views of deep sky objects

Vixen R200SS Telescope
The telescope's large aperture and compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters and comets.

Vixen Space Eye 50 is a great telescope for the budding astronomer.The high quality 50mm optics provide bright views of the Moon.

Vixen Space Eye 70
The telescope eyepieces that are included with this scope will ensure you are ready to beging your viewing sessions in just minutes.

Vixen VC200L Telescope
With its elaborate aspherical optical design it achieves excellent image correction throughout the large illuminated field.

Vixen VMC95L Telescope
With a curved vane Secondary Mirror Spider to reduce diffraction effects, this small telescope performs like its larger cousins

Vixen VMC110L Telescope
This compact optical tube, with features found on Vixens higher end telescopes, a great pick up and go scope.

Vixen VMC200L Telescope
This scope is a unique 200mm 8 inch catadioptric optical system, which incorporates a primary mirror and a meniscus corrector just before a secondary mirror.

Vixen VMC260L Telescope
This design virtually eliminates spherical aberration and field curvature while delivering superb contrast.

Vixen VMC330L Telescope
The open tube design of the The Vixen VMC330L telescope eliminates the dew problem that is common with conventional Schmidt-Cassegrain systems.

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