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William Optics has established itself itself as one on the leading companies in short-tube, highly-portable refractor telescopes, and has achieved worldwide recognition for quality products, satisfying the most stringent demands of astronomers from around the world.

Producing a range of telescopes and accessories at an affordable price for both entry level and high end segments of the market.

From the Megrez to the ZenithStar series, you will discover exceptional quality to the impressive fit and finish, along with the FLT Refractor Telescopes which have been designed to make the most of your astro imaging.

There's no doubt about it that if you're looking for high quality, wide field telescope eyepieces you really should investigate the range of 1.25" and 2" SWAN Eyepieces as well as the even more extreme UWAN Eyepieces.

The William Optics SPL (Super Planetary Long eye-relief) eyepieces have been created for users who require high-power and sharp and contrast views for planetary observations. The long eye relief is an advantage for star gazers who wear eyeglasses and for individuals who do not want to strain their eyes during the course of viewing sessions.

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Of course it doesn't stop there, as there are a host of other magnificent products such as digiscoping adapters, scope rings and diagonals.


Serious astronomers and astrophotographers will appreciate the new William Optics SCT focuser, which incorporates a Digital Display Gauge (DDG,) and silk smooth micro focuser.

William Optics has a reputation for high-end affordable telescopes and accessories has been expanding constantly on 5 continents.

There are now only a handful of countries where a serious stargazer cannot appreciate the optical and mechanical excellence of these telescopes.

This telescope is incredibly sharp and has superb color correction making it the perfect choice for astrophotography enthusiasts.

FLT98 Carbon Fibre APO
The stunning optics feature a top quality triplet f/6.3 air-spaced objective, one of the best WO have ever made.

FLT 123 Triplet APO is an air spaced 123mm refractor. It is of exceptional quality with remarkable clarity and color correction.

If you have ever imagined taking those stunning images of the heavens, the time has finally arrived. Very few other refractors in this size have a dedicated Field Flattener.

FLT158 Triplet
This telescope offers superb performance. Having a extremely generous 158mm aperture and f/7 focal ratio, the William Optics FLT158 APO was created for astrophotography.

Gran Turisimo GT81 APO
The finish is simply eye-catching. William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, darkred finish, retractable dewshield.

Megrez 72 Doublet APO
The lens design is ED glass doublet air-spaced, in CNC machined ultra-high precision lens cell, and each lens is fully multi-coated with a special super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all surfaces.

Megrez 90mm Doublet APO Refractor
With a highly precise CNC machined lens cell, doublet air spaced lens, in an adjustable lens cell, and the highest-quality coatings it is optically unbeatable.

Megrez 110mm Doublet APO Refractor
The William Optics Megrez 110 Doublet ED APO is an ideal entry level astrophotography instrument for the amateur astronomer.

Megrez 120mm Doublet APO Refractor
This telescope will prove to be incredibly functional both visually and for astro imagers with its 900mm focal length bringing in range lots of targets unsuitable for imaging with shorter focal length scopes

The ZenithsStar 80II ED Doublet APO features the latest and arguably the best DDG (Digital) Focuser currently available.

SWAN Eyepieces

SWAN 9mm Eyepiece 1.25"
This 5-element super-wide angle gives panoramic views at a 72 degree field of view.

SWAN 15mm Eyepiece 1.25"
This 5-element super-wide angle 15mm SWAN EP's panoramic views at 72 deg. F.O.V. will leave you speechless,

SWAN 20mm Eyepiece 1.25"
This eyepiece is the perfect match with William Optics telescopes, offering outstanding super-wide field of view

SWAN 25mm Eyepiece 2"
The High-resistance anodized black barrel and smooth design means there is for no hook up in your focuser.

SWAN 33mm Eyepiece 2"
The superwide 72 deg field of view are fully multicoated lenses, sharp and well contrasted, have excellent transmittance, and outstanding chromatic aberration correction

SWAN 40mm Eyepiece 2"
The soft rubber eyecup and extremely long eye-relief has no internal reflections makes it a pleasure to use.

UWAN Eyepieces

UWAN 4mm Eyepiece 1.25"
This eyepiece has wonderful fit and finish, a high-resistance anodized black barrel, a super smooth design for no hook up in your focuser and threaded for filters’ usage.

UWAN 7mm Eyepiece 1.25"
Great contrast, with fully internally blackened (lenses’ edges and internal spacers), no flaring or ghosting on high-contrast objects.

UWAN 16mm Eyepiece 1.25"
It's light and easy with innovative twist-up rubber eyecup, long eye-relief, 12mm and there are no internal reflections, kidney beaning or other distracting distortions.

UWAN 28mm Eyepiece 2"
The ultimate eyepiece for ultra wide field views. Great 2" 82 deg.field of view. Ideal for rich-field views at moderate power

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