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The range of Zhumell Telescopes on offer is relatively limited when compared to some other manufacturers, but that doesn't stop them from producing products that any amateur astronomer would be proud of.

They have high quality products with a list of features that would be hard to find in products costing seriously more money.

Scopes include Dobsonians, refracting and reflecting telescopes.

Dobsonian telescopes feature large apertures, long focal lengths, dual-speed Crayford focusers, RACI finderscopes, and bases with easy-gliding pads.

These telescopes should suit serious astronomers who require a high grade unit at a realistic price.Currently there are three models in this range the Z8,and Z10 the Z12.

Zhumell reflectors offer a great way for an advancing astronomy enthusiast to learn how to finely tune a telescope and investigate the fascinating field of astrophotography much easier.The Eclipse 114 reflector telescope is a popular scope and suitable for deep sky viewing.

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Refractor telescopes offered by Zhumell are user friendly and give all the control you need to get all relevant parties involved in your passion.

The super-quick setup and straightforward use of a refractor provides breathtaking views of the Moon and planets without requiring lengthy and ongoing adjustments.

These scopes are ideal for novices as well as the serious astronomer. The Zenith 60×600 telescope and the Aurora 70 complete the current range of scopes.


Additionally Zhumell offers a range of affordable and easy-to-use T-rings that are compatible with Nikon, Canon, and Minolta Maxxum products.

You’ll very quickly be able to attach an appropriate camera and camera adapter to your telescope and be able to take professional, breath-taking terrestrial, lunar, and planetary images.

Zhumell Filter Set

Now you can bring the cosmos in for a close-up with the intense, high-performance Zhumell Lunar and Planetary Color Telescope Filter Set

Zhumell Aurora Refractor
The Aurora 70 is packed with features including a 70mm objective lens, 1.25-inch focuser, and 5×24 finderscope.

Zhumell Zenith 60x600 Telescope
Because it is easy to setup kids and beginners are not going to lose interest half way through the process. You can get on with observing the sky or land based objects in no time at all.

Zhumell Eclipse 114
This scope delivers sophistication and performance that will keep more experienced astronomers very happy.

Zhumell Z8 Telescope
Reliable, easy to use, just as a Dobsonian should be and has been designed with quality and precision.

Zhumell Z10 Telescope
With a classic Dobsonian mount and a new adjustable azimuth bearing system, enthusiasts of all levels will have an easy time finding and following objects in the night sky

Zhumell Z12 Telescope
Designed to be a big “light bucket” to capture necessary light to see objects deep in the night sky, it has a fully multi-coated 12-inch mirror for bright, crystal-clear contrast and definition

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