TAL Telescopes

The range of TAL telescopes for amateur astronomers are manufactured in Russia and have earned an outstanding reputation throughout Europe and America.

They feature diffraction-limited optics of the finest quality, durable all-metal construction, time-tested designs, and at extremely affordable prices.

The Novosibirsk factory currently manufactures 15 models of telescopes, including Newtonian reflectors of 2.5 to 6 inches aperture, 4 and 5-inch refractors, and 6, 8 and 10-inch modified Maksutov-Cassegrains (catadioptric telescope design by Klevtsov).

These instruments feature robust mechanical construction, precision optics, fitted wooden cases, and a complete array of accessories, including oculars, filters. Many models are equipped with motor drives for automatic tracking of celestial objects

Telescopes range from small Newtonians that are suitable for the novice astronomer, to the sophisticated TAL-250K catadioptric system that is sure to appeal to the more advanced amateur astronomer regardless of the model.

In spite of their superior quality, they are in fact remarkably competitively priced, frequently costing considerably less than competing telescopes.

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Moreover, they're usually supplied with a large number of useful accessories which can be costly extras on a lot of competing brands.

Tal Telescopes

This strong combination of performance and value has brought these high quality scientific instruments into the homes of a multitude of satisfied users around the globe.

There are lots of diverse telescope designs in the TAL astronomical telescope range.

By far the most popular is the range of Newtonian Reflector Telescopes, the most noteworthy version being the renowned TAL-1 110mm Newtonian Reflector.

TAL 1 Telescope
An incredible package with an unequalled combination of performance, value and equipment levels than any rival telescope of this size

TAL 2 Telescope
This strong combination of performance and value has brought these high quality scientific instruments into the homes of a multitude of satisfied users around the globe

TAL 65 Telescope
These scopes are precision made scientific instruments, that are engineered to high optical and mechanical standards, with performance deserving of many larger and more costly models.

TAL 100RS Refractor
The 4" F10 optical system provides sharp, high resolution views of the Moon and planets

TAL 125 Apochromatic Refractor
This scope is designed for both visual and astrophotographic use and provides stunning high-resolution images virtually free of false colour

TAL 150k
This versatile scope is the ideal instrument for the advanced amateur astronomer who desires high resolution and excellent light-gathering power.

TAL 150P
A classic design, it features a seamless aluminum tube with fully adjustable precision mirror cells and a 4-vane spider

TAL 200k
A superb instrument for astrophotography, far surpassing conventional Schmidt-Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chretien systems.

Tal 250k
The TAL-250K is a remarkbly compact, easy-to-use instrument that will meet the requirements of the most demanding amateur astronomer.

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