Astro-Tech Star Diagonal

This Astro-Tech star diagonal is outstanding amongst 1.25" star diagonals for its outstanding price and performance ratio. This really is one superior quality star diagonal offering exceptional value for the money.

The AstroTech 1.25" Star Diagonal has 'state of the art' forty six layer dielectric mirror coatings for a full 99% reflectivity.

Combined with higher reflectivity than the 88% of a traditional aluminum diagonal or the 96-97% of an easily tarnished silver diagonal.

Astro-Tech star diagonal

The tough ion-deposited dielectric coatings on the mirror's finely-polished 1/10th wave BK7 optical glass substrate offer increased contrast and resolution in the course of vital planetary, lunar, and binary star observations.

The mirror housing is precision-machined from solid aluminum, rather than simply flimsy plastic or a sheet metal stamping, as you will find with ordinary diagonals.

A rigid die-cast metal U-shaped back-plate with stainless steel hardware holds the mirror in perfect optical alignment in the machined body. The solidity of the construction mirrors in the diagonal’s substantial 7-ounce weight.

Anodized an antireflective matte black, the interior of the body is lined with light absorbing materials. The focuser-side barrel is also anodized antireflective matte black, and is internally antireflection threaded for even higher contrast.

The threaded barrel accepts standard 1.25" filters. The stop at the bottom of the 1.25" eyepiece holder prevents eyepieces from hitting the first surface.

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