iOptron Astroboy 1 Portable Telescope

The Astroboy 1 portable telescope from iOptron is a breeze to use and really easy to transport. You simply click and it locates stars for you. Just select a star or planet and the in-built computer takes over and moves the telescope for you.

Additionally, it stays locked on to the target as the earth rotates. It functions both in celestial and land modes for observing stars, birds, or landscapes.

The best bit is that you can take it anywhere you go. Camping, school, holidays. It can sit on a table or can be attached to a tripod.

For those that like to get color co-ordinated it comes in Pulsar Pink,Astro Blue,Terra Green and Cosmic Orange.

The Astroboy 60mm Computerized Table Telescope is a great little scope for beginners and people on the move.


  • Alt-Azimuth Mount with GOTONOVATM computer control technology
  • Real-time GOTO and tracking features
  • 4,000+ object database with 256 user-definable objects.
  • 4 line, 20-character LCD hand controller with backlit LED buttons for easy operation
  • Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoders
  • Drive motor with 5-speed setting for precise tracking
  • Tabletop base
  • 60mm achromatic refractor telescope for land and celestial objects observation
  • Optional tripod (part #9421)
  • Also attaches to photo tripods with ¼” camera screw
  • Includes its own hard case for easy travel and storage.


  • Optical Design Refractor
  • Aperture 60 mm
  • Focal Length 360mm
  • Focal Ratio 6
  • Eyepieces 1.25” H20mm
  • Magnification 18
  • Optics Coating coated
  • Mount AltAz
  • Diagonal 45°

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