Astronomy Chart

An astronomy chart is just a map of the night sky. Astronomers have separated these into grids to enable them to be used more readily. They are widely-used as a way to recognise and locate astronomical objects like stars, constellations and galaxies.

Man has been employing a variety of charts for navigation for centuries. In recent times there have been numerous types of start chart, from basic paper ones that can frequently be found in magazines to adjustable ones that rotate, like the planisphere.

There are also computerized scopes which have software and built in database which can locate objects at the touch of a button.

Additionally you will frequently find charts in astronomy magazines and online.The TAU AstroClub describes the celestial sphere visible from a given location on Earth (described by its geographic latitude) and given time.

When first looking at a sky chart it may appear a little confusing, but just like any other map you will soon discover it's really not that difficult. You will find yourself picking out objects quite easily and it is no more difficult than reading an atlas.

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