Astronomy DVD

The Universe is a magical astronomy dvd journey from the Sun to the farthest galaxies.

You do not have to be an astronomy fanatic to enjoy this dvd. You will find a host of information and facts crammed into the narrative that comes with the most amazing space images you are likely to see. It truly is mind boggling when you stop to reflect that each and every image and on this dvd is of our real world and not some special effect.

Every home really should have one of these dvds, and should sit back and watch this program to remind themselves never to get caught up in the minor details of life. . "The Universe" is for amateur astronomers, students, science fans, science-fiction aficionados, history buffs, and absolutely everyone else who's fascinated by what lays outside of their everyday existence.

In fact, once you see this astronomy dvd, you'll have a new and better perspective on your everyday life. Seeing "The Universe" is almost a religious experience--and yet it's all science fact.

Featuring incredible NASA images and original orchestral music, The Universe is a never-before-seen guided tour of the cosmos in widescreen anamorphic video and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

Using images from SOHO, Hubble, TRACE and other orbiting space telescopes, The Universe is a dynamic excursion through over 200 magnificent astronomical objects. Beginning with video of the sun’s broiling corona, the program proceeds through the solar system, traveling to the stars and nebulae of the Milky Way, and to galaxies as much as 14 billion light-years away.

The Universe is a mind-expanding trip into eternity. The viewer seems to travel through space, seeing grand panoramas, probing close-ups, and breathtaking vistas, all in full color.

An original score by Paul D. Lehrman and Tim Tully provides The Universe with a rich, Surround Sound tapestry combining symphonic and electronic timbres into a timeless musical experience. Renowned astronomers Alex Filippenko and Karel Schrijver offer insights into the world of contemporary astronomy.

A clear, concise narration names each object as it comes into view, giving its distance from Earth and the data astronomers derive from it. The overall effect is to bring the vast expanse of the cosmos into a clear overview.

The narration can be turned off so the viewer hears only the score: a rich suite of motifs, that weave through an array of variations, mixed in 5.1 surround sound, to take full advantage of the technology. A combination of ambient effects and instrumental placement richly evokes a feeling of being immersed in space with the flowing images of The Universe.

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