Astronomy For Kids

What greater hobby is there than astronomy for kids. Ever since the beginning of time people all around the world have been astonished and excited by the wonderous celestial bodies in the night sky. Youngsters will have a healthy, interesting and educational hobby that they will absolutely love and which will be with them for a lifetime.

Kids can immediately begin exploring the universe with a diverse range of astronomy related information and resources, including telescopes kits, fascinating books about the universe in which we live ,and plenty of astronomy games to keep them fully entertained.

They will soon become familiar with all aspects of astronomy and outer space, and they will discover that the Earth is in fact merely a minuscule speck in the massive expanse of space we call the universe.

Discover the Solar System,find out about our closest planetary neighbors and distant Galaxies.

3D solar system kit Why not learn about the nine planets as you build your very own 29.5-inch hanging mobile of the Solar System. Snap together planets and then color them with the included paints, including two that glow-in-the-dark

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