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The Sky is Your Laboratory: Advanced Astronomy Projects for Amateurs

For the seasoned amateur astronomer who is itching to know if there is something beneficial, valuable, and permanent that can be achieved with his or her observational skills, the answer is, “Yes, there is!”

This is THE book for the amateur astronomer who is prepared to take the next step in his or her astronomical journey. Until now there has been hardly any content material that points inquisitive amateur astronomers to the research opportunities open to them.

In 2006 at a meeting of the Society for Astronomical Sciences, participants concluded that the lack of such text was a substantial gap in the astronomical book market. This Kindle book fills that void.

There are a good number of amateur astronomers who have equipment powerful enough to make tremendous contributions to research.

This Kindle book sets out 18 useful projects for the amateur astronomer. You will find there's crystal clear and comprehensive explanation of the concepts behind the analysis of signal-to-noise and warns against the numerous dangerous errors which can find their way in.The book’s exceptional high quality is in the contagious enthusiasm of the writing.

In the event you have been in the hobby of astronomy for a number of years and would now like to specialize, this book is made for you. The author describes each and every chosen subject in realistic depth and a lot of technical work has been included into the 297 pages. The Sky is Your Laboratory: Advanced Astronomy Projects for Amateurs

Urban Astronomer's Guide On Kindle

The Urban Astronomer's Guide: A Walking Tour of the Cosmos for City Sky Watchers

The majority of amateur astronomers would like to observe with greater frequency. The majority of them, however, reside in urban and highly developed suburban areas that are heavily light polluted.

Because of this light pollution, they're of the opinion that deep sky objects-nebulae, galaxies, star clusters-are either invisible or perhaps not worth observing from home.

This Kindle book explains the numerous objects that can be seen in a bright urban sky, and shows the city or suburban astronomer the best way to observe object after object and season after season. This book covers the ""why,"" ""how,"" and ""what"" of astronomy under light-polluted skies.

The prospective city-based observer is informed exactly why to observe from home (there are many hundreds of breathtaking objects to be seen from the typical urban site), the best way to observe the city sky (telescopes, accessories, and moderns techniques), and what things to observe.

Approximately half of the book is dedicated to describing ""tours"" of the sky, with physical and observational descriptions, at-the-eyepiece drawings, and photographs."The Urban Astronomer's Guide: A Walking Tour of the Cosmos for City Sky Watchers (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

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