Astronomy Telescope

It's a good idea to remember that the best astronomy telescope is the one that gets used most frequently. If it's too heavy, or difficult to setup and move to a convenient observation point, it almost certainly won't get used as often. Of course if you have plenty of room, or somewhere you can have a permanent setup than it won't be so much of an issue.

Because of the technological advancements of astronomical telescopes in recent years, popularity has increased substantially. People of all age groups are taking up amateur astronomy.

Many begin by just using a small, or medium telescope, while other more advanced astronomers make use of sizeable backyard telescopes.

There are many different models of telescope to choose from to view celestial objects in the sky. Newcomers to astronomy will tend to use either reflecting or refracting optical telescopes.

A Reflecting telescope is fairly inexpensive when compared to a refracting telescope. You can observe stars, galaxies and star clouds, and you can obtain quite well-defined images with a reflecting telescope. Refracting telescopes tend to be more expensive and are great if you need more features.

To enhance your viewing pleasure even further there are a host of telescope accessories such as lenses, filters, cameras and computers.

It's a good idea to start with a cheaper telescope first, then once you have found out the basics and quite happy on finding your way around the night sky you can look to upgrade to something better.

There are several companies that offer entry level telescopes for the beginner at prices that are very affordable, Celestrons FirstScope is a good example but there are several others you may want to look at.

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