The ATIK 16IC-s is a professional Grade entry level ccd camera built on the highly successful Atik 16IC, but with a larger sensor and bigger pixels.

This camera has one of the lowest readout noise figures in the field, and is much less prone to the increase of hot pixels than many competing models.

Atik 161c-s

What's more...'s the Sony ICX415AL progressive-scan sensor that overcomes the "Venetian blind" effect common to interlaced CCDs, which can be particularly evident in the short-exposure images which are frequently taken by newcomers.

The Atik 16IC-S can deal with an array of telescope focal lengths, rendering it a extremely versatile imaging companion.

With 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion, high-efficiency thermoelectric cooling, a high-transmission BK7 optical window, and a low-vibration magnetic levitating fan, the Atik 16IC-S has been designed and built with the needs of the serious astro-imager in mind.

Even the power consumption is kept to an absolute minimum - 550mA at 12V DC allowing you to get the most out of every observing session.

Additionally there's an ST4-compatible auto guiding port to allow you to extend your exposure lengths without being limited by telescope tracking errors.

Regardless of what your level of experience or the limitations of your other equipment now, the 16IC-S will probably be your astrophotography companion for a long time to come.

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