Austin Astronomical Society

by Lester

The Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) is a club for people who are interested in any aspect of astronomy or the space sciences. We exist to provide a forum for like-minded individuals to share their love of the sky and their desire to explore it, both with other club members and with the public.

We are located in Austin, Texas, USA. Through informal ties with the Eagle Eye Observatory, which houses the larger telescopes owned by the Society. The observatory will allow us to expand and improve our public education efforts.

The 200-plus members of the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of special interests and levels of expertise.

Some of our members earn their living as professionals in astronomy-related fields. Others are rank novices. All of our members are friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to share the wonders of the sky with others.

Membership in the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) is open to all. Individuals become eligible for Senior AAS Membership at age 65. Young are eligible for Junior AAS Membership until age 18.

Austin Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 12831
Austin, Texas 78711-2831

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