Baader Fine Tuning Ring

By using the Baader Fine tuning ring, each Hyperion eyepiece can now function as four different eyepieces. Available in 14mm and 28mm lengths, they can be used seperately or both together.

The Baader Finetuning Ring 28mmand Baader 14mm have a 2" OD and threaded M48 (filter thread) on each end, so they can be installed in-between the Hyperion's removable front negative element and main body.

The added spacing decreases the focal lengths (increases magnification) according to the table below.

Finetuning rings are made to match the Hyperion finish and are fully internally sharp v-threaded and blackened to eliminate stray light reflections from the internal surfaces.

Baader Fine Tuning Ring

Another creative way to alter eyepiece focal length is by using a Baader 2" Filter in-between the Hyperion negative element and main body, like a small finetuning ring.

The 8.5mm thickness of the filter cell will have a similar effect in reducing the Hyperion's focal length, allowing the use of 2" filters with Hyperions, something that isn't feasible with other 1.25" eyepieces.

Hyperion14mm Ring28mm Ring14 + 28 RingBaader 2" Filter

Please Note: Removal and installation of the front negative element should be done in a clean environment to prevent dust or other contamination from depositing on the internal elements (which are very difficult to clean). Also, please note that the 24mm Hyperion is not able to make use of the Finetuning Rings.

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