Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece

The Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece delivers a true 68º field of view with 20mm of eye relief and is compatible with both 1.25" and 2" focusers. Famous for sharp, high-contrast images with a flat field, even in fast telescopes.

This 8mm Eyepiece is designed with internal baffling to eliminate ghost reflections and stray light and the high index glass and specially designed coatings yield darker sky and more stars than its competitors.

As a visual eyepiece Hyperions deliver superb sharpness and color fidelity across their 68° wide, flat-field, even in fast telescopes.From their superb on-axis and off-axis sharpness, to their pitch-black high contrast field, the Hyperions really work.

Viewing through a Hyperion is remarkably comfortable and relaxing, due to their forgiving eye-position, 20mm of eye-relief, along with an optical design that is free of the annoying kidney-bean effect.

Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece

High grade water-white glasses are employed throughout, to provide a crystal clear view with low scatter and outstanding color fidelity, free of the yellow or bluish coloration imparted by many other eyepieces. Use of high-index glasses delivers low distortion and astigmatism, even on scopes as fast as f/4.

The optical design allows them to work as an incredibly sharp wide-field projection eyepieces for large chip CCD and DSLRs.

In addition the eyelens barrel has been furnished with 2 different external threads, M43 and M54 that are covered by removable rubber eyecups.

An extensive system of adapter rings makes it possible for cameras to be directly close-coupled for afocal projection, or variably extended for classical eyepiece projection imaging with T-Adapter and Extension Tubes.

A series of 16 threaded rings provides compatibility with just about every digital (CCD/DSLR) and videocamera made, even large and heavy 3-chip videocameras.

The front negative lens element is designed to be removed (and exposes an M48 2" filter thread). This converts each Hyperion into a longer focal length high-quality projection eyepiece, giving the imager two choices of focal length with each eyepiece.

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