Backyard Astronomers Guide

The Backyard Astronomers Guide written by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer is a great book for budding astronomers.

It is well written, in terms that a raw beginner can easily understand. Every chapter includes a great deal of information and beautiful photographs.

The publication covers explanations and recommendations for each and every step you are going to take to become a knowledgeable amateur astronomer.

It answers questions such as which eyepiece is ideal for which particular purpose, which filter accessories should be used.

In the first part of the book the authors explain in detail the workings of the various kinds of telescopes and provide suggestions based upon your budget and the type of observing to be carried out, as well as things to avoid when setting up a new telescope.

Next there is a crash course on the sky, beginning with what you are able observe with the naked eye, viewing conditions based on your local area, and how to observe the different objects in the sky.

The final part of the book is an introduction to taking photos of the sky with a dslr camera or a dedicated CCD imager. Coverage includes a basic camera on a tripod, mount setups, piggybacking on a telescope, and thru the telescope photography.

I truely believe that you will be captivated by every page, and you will find yourself becoming increasingly comfortable discovering the technology behind telescopes,and astrophotography.

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