Bishop Planetarium

The Bishop Planetarium in South Florida is a multipurpose, “state of the art” domed theater, boasting one of the most advanced all-digital projection systems to be found anywhere in the world.

Incorporating unidirectional stadium style seating and a digital 25,000 watt Dolby 5.1 surround sound system, the Bishop is capable of accommodating a wide range of programs, from lectures to film series to live performances.

But first and foremost, the planetarium is a remarkable astronomy education resource, allowing visitors to explore their universe through traditional live star talks and immersive virtual journeys to the far reaches of the cosmos.

Astronomy Show

Extreme Planets explores the fairly recent discovery of planets orbiting other stars in the Milky Way.

How did we find these planets, and might they harbor life?

Extreme Planets takes you on a hypothetical journey to learn what these newly discovered worlds might be like.

From water worlds to molten landscapes, inhabitable moons to planets with multiple suns, these exotic worlds may not be just science fiction after all.

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