Building a Roll Off Roof Observatory

Have you ever considered building a roll off roof observatory?

Virtually every practical astronomer who takes the hobby to its next stage, aspires to a fixed and permanent housing for his telescope, making it possible for its quick and comfortable use and averting a lot of time setting-up for every observing session.

A roll-off roof observatory is the most straightforward and by far the most widespread observatory design for today’s practical astronomers.

Diy Observatory

'Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory' may help you come to a decision on whether or not to embark on the project and will undoubtedly provoke your enthusiasm for the task.

The author is both an amateur astronomer and professional landscape architect, answering a number of the most common questions asked about observatory construction and design.

Some of the points covered include:

  • Site planning, zoning, and by-law requirements common to most states, towns and municipalities
  • Opportunities for locating the observatory
  • Tailoring the observatory for your particular use
  • Tools and structural components required to build it
  • Variations in footing design to suit your soil conditions
  • Variations possible in design through photographs from owners throughout USA and Canada
  • Opportunity to utilize the structure for in combination with others-(incorporating a Garden patio under the gantry for example)

This fully-detailed book outlines step-by-step construction and the accompanying CD-R provides complete, professional, detailed diagrams for each phase of construction.

A professionally designed roll-off observatory could cost as much as $3000 just for these plans, which are provided with Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory. Three sets of scale plans are provided on the CD-R that accompanies the book and full-size prints of the plans are available from the author at a cost.

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