Bushnell Northstar Telescope

The Bushnell Northstar telescope with it's built-in computerized star locator systems and high-quality optics, provides the fundamental technological know-how to help you chart your way through the night sky with ease.

There are four models currently available in the range, the ' 525 ' and ' 625 ' which have two telescope eyepieces 4mm and 20mm with a power boosting Barlow lens.

' GoTo ' computerized tracking technology, Red Dot LED finderscope and remote hand-held control module with Real Voice Output. A Kinetic mount, quick-release tripod and accessory tray for fast, easy assembly complete the package.

Maksutov-Cassegrain Models

The 1300 x 100 and 1250 x 90mm 'GoTo' Maksutov-Cassegrain are the motorized versions and come with 4mm and 25mm lenses.

All Northstar models come with the innovative Kinematic Mount which has unique bearings to create an unparalleled precision motion telescope.

The Maksutov-Cassegrain design makes use of a spherically curved front lens element and works in combination with a similarly curved primary mirror. This configuration provides unbelievably sharp images.

The result is that the total optical system provides a focal length considerably longer than the actual optical tube body length.

This makes it possible for any novice or amateur astronomer to navigate his way through the the sky just like a professional.

General Features

  • 4mm and 25mm eyepieces
  • Erect image diagonal mirror for land viewing
  • "Go To" computerized tracking technology
  • Red Dot LED finderscope
  • Remote hand-held control module with Real Voice Output™ (RVO)
  • Camera adaptable
  • Quick release tripod
  • Kinematic mount
  • Accessory tray

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