Celestron Collimation Tool

The Celestron Collimation Tool Eyepiece is ideal for precise collimation of Newtonians and helpful for aligning Schmidt-Cassegrains. This special eyepiece fits into 1¼" focusers or diagonals.

Alignment is easy using the small opening on one end and thin cross hairs at the other end.

The collimation eyepiece is more accurate than the simple Collimation Tool.

Collimation is the process of aligning the optical axes of all the optical elements in a telescope.

When properly collimated, all the mirrors or lens will be centerede and angled so that the light entering the telesopes will form the sharpets image possible.

Celestron Collimation Tool

The collimation eyepieces is a combination of a "sight tube" and a "Cheshire eypiece". The site tube portion of the collimation eyepiece has cross hairs to accurately define the center of the optical axes, and is used to make sure that the secondary mirrior is centered directly under the focuser.

The Cheshire portion of the eypiece has a polished 45 degree angled element that reflects light from the cutout hole in the side of the barrel down into the optical path.

The polished flat element projects a bright ring of light, providing a target for aligning the primary mirror.

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