Celestron FirstScope Review

by Jonathan

Celestron First Scope Review

Celestron First Scope Review

Recently I was searching for a smallish portable telescope that I could set up quite quickly and at a reasonable price.

A friend of mine recommended the Celestron Firstscope, so I decided to go ahead and purchase it.

I was a little skeptical but as as it only cost $50 I thought I couldn't go wrong. However any doubts I had soon went away a soon as I unpacked it.

It included two really good eyepieces which by themselves cost in the region of $40. It was an easy task to assemble as it was completely ready to use out of the box.

For the price, the base was well made like a dobsonian. It had a smooth swiveling motion so that and can easily point to celestial objects and tracking it by gently pushing the tube.

I was very impressed with the images of Jupiter and its moons, Saturn, craters on the moon and on a clear night the Orion nebula.

At the price I think anyone would be hard pushed to find a better starter scope. I have no hesitancy in recommending this to anyone who has an interest in astronomy.

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