Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope Review

by Graham Swan

The NexStar 4 SE is an amazing scope. It is really easy to use. The majority of telescopes even if they are computerized, can still be a bit of a challenge to align to the night sky.

The Nexstar 4SE with it's sky align makes it just about fool proof, as you only need to point it to three bright objects in the sky.

One of the easiest ways to align it is by using a Solar System Align. If you don't want to point it at three bright objects, you can choose elect to go for the moon.

I found this the easiest alignment of all. After a just few minutes setting up, I found Jupiter easily after using the moon as the alignment object.

I think for th price, it is very well made and sturdy. The majority of the components are metal which makes them rigid and durable.

Overall I rate it as an excellent scope.

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