Celestron Ultima LX Eyepiece

The Celestron Ultima LX eyepieces use a 6 or 8 element optical design and feature long eye relief and wide fields of view for high and low magnifications.

The Ultima series of Celestron eyepieces were computer designed to keep aberrations to an absolute minimum.

They virtually eliminate spherical, colour, field curvature, coma, astigmatism, distortion and spherical distortion of the exit pupil.

The inside surfaces and edges of the lenses are blackened to keep out reflected light.

Outside surfaces are flat black and include rubber grips for secure handling.

Rubber eyecups are also included both for comfortable use and to keep out extraneous light.

Celestron Ultima LX  Eyepiece

General Features

  • 70 degree Field - Wide FOV for high and low magnifications
  • Extendable twist-up eyecups - Good for eyeglass wearers
  • Parfocal eyepiece - Little or no focusing is needed when changing from low to high power.
  • Threaded barrels - Accept 1.25" (5,8,13,17mm models) or 2" (22 & 32mm models) Celestron thread-in filters.
  • Shock resistant rubber covering - Scratch and dent resistant
  • No slip grip - Designed for secure handling even in moist conditions
  • Roll guard - Ergonomic contours prevent eyepiece from rolling off flat surfaces
  • 28mm clear aperture surface lens - For comfortable viewing

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