Celestron XCel Eyepiece

Celestron XCel 10mm  Eyepiece

About The Celestron XCel Eyepiece Series

If you are looking for an eyepiece that excels for planetary viewing, then Celestron's X-Cel offers the unique features you are looking for.

A 6-element fully multi-coated optical design, the X-Cel utilizes extra low dispersion (ED) glass on its most highly curved surfaces, to minimize chromatic aberration that can hinder sharp planetary views.

With a wide 55° apparent field of view, and a large 25mm clear aperture the X-Cel is one of the most comfortable eyepieces to use. Every X-Cel eyepiece is parfocal with each other, meaning little or no focusing is needed when changing from low to high power.

The X-Cel comes with soft rubber eyecups and a durable plastic case. In addition, if you are an eyeglass wearer, you will enjoy the 20mm eye relief available on each of the X-Cel focal lengths. Threaded barrels accept 1-1/4" Celestron thread-in filters.

Technical Details

  • 6-element fully multi-coated optical design
  • 55 degree apparent field of view
  • One of the most comfortable eyepieces available
  • Ideal for planetary viewing

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