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If you are using a digital camera for astrophotography you may already be aware that digital noise can be a common problem, which, must be corrected if you want the best images possible. This is particularly true if you do long exposure imaging.

Spencer's Camera & Photo is the leading provider of Digital Camera Infrared Conversion Services, and offers a completely unique conversion service tailored for astrophotography.

By installing a clear material which allows UV,IR and visible light to be captured your camera can capture images of deep space objects that are virtually inviible to the naked eye.

You will discover that Images of Nebulae, Galaxies, Star Clusters and other objects are more visible and more brilliant when using an astroconverted camera.

Spencers will calibrate your camera for precise focus at all focal lengths especially at infinity and install a specially designed heat transfer/cooling system in your digital camera, drawing heat from the imaging sensor which reduces digital noise effects due to long exposures.

A patented Heat Transfer/Cooling System is only available for certain cameras including most Canon, Fuji, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony models.

The heat transfer system can be installed along with any conversion type perform by Spencer's Camera & Photo but is limited to certain camera models. Also, there are no adverse effects to any other functions of the camera.

Utah Night Time Lapse II from Spencer's Camera & Photo on Vimeo.

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