William Optics FLT98CF APO

The William Optics FLT98CF APO is a new addition to the line up and puts incredibly high optical and mechanical quality into a high-tech carbon fiber Package.

This FLT 98 Carbon Fiber Triplet APO telescope is ultimately designed for individuals who do not want to limit themselves to visual observations, but want to give themselves the chance of taking breath-taking astroimages.

The stunning optics feature a top quality triplet f/6.3 air-spaced objective, one of the best William Optics have ever made.

This scope is extremely sharp, has a great color correction and the perfect choice for astrophotography.

Linear Power Focuser

The Extra-smooth 2.5" LinearPower focuser is a treat to use during astrophotography. Incorporating a two speed microfocuser, large aluminum knobs and a graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Quality Finish

Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: a lightweight pure carbon fiber optical tube and dew shield, anodized 360 deg. rotatable Linear focuser, dewshield cap.

Several accessories are available to make up this great package. A dedicated field flattener,2" and 1.25" adapters which are included, all with brass anti-marring compression rings.

The high quality soft case allows you to stow away your telescope in safety, and although I doubt you will never have need it, there is a 2-year warranty from William Optics.

William Optics FLT98CF APO

FLT 98 Carbon Fiber Triplet APO Specification

  • Aperture 98mm
  • Focal Ratio F/6.3
  • Focal Length 618 mm
  • Objective Type Air-spaced Triplet, Apochromatic objective
  • Lens Shade Retractable
  • Focuser 2.5" LinearPower Focuser, rotatable design
  • Intergrated 1:10 fine focus
  • 1.25" Adapter Provided
  • Type of Mount Mounting Rings
  • Tube Length 505 mm (Fully Retracted)
  • 600 mm (Fully Extended)
  • Tube Weight 3.5 kg

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