Kids Telescope

A kids telescope can unlock a completely new and rewarding world for your youngster. It can increase their perception of the universe and enable them to be part of the wider cosmos beyond our planet.

By providing your youngster with a telescope you will make them realize that you support their curiosity about astronomy and see it as being a worthwhile endeavor. A telescope, even without having all the features of larger models, can still provide your child with a head start in understanding the universe and star systems that surround us.

A beginners telescope can get them up and running with their brand new hobby in no time at all ,and without a big investment. It must be recognized that these are fully functional scopes and should be not considered a toy.

An important point to take into consideration (and this generally relates to cost) is the size of the telescope. This essentially defines the size of the light gatherer and the faintness of the objects it is possible to see. Beginners in astronomy will do fine with a 60mm refractor telescope.

There is a large choice of telescopes for kids available from a number of well known optics companies such as Meade, Celestron, Bushnell, Orion and amongst others..

With models starting from under $50.00 you can give your child a really interesting and worthwhile pastime.

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