Konus Konustart 700 Telescope

The Konus Konustart 700 Telescope is the ideal introduction into the intriguing world of astronomy. They produce bright images and are user-friendly and uncomplicated.

This telescope has very good success amongst the younger astronomer, this is exactly why Konus considered developing a special featured line to assist them to in their hobby.

The addition of a textile carrying case, in order to transport the telescope, professional astronomical software to ease the study of the Sky and locate the co-ordinates of celestial objects, and the dates in which they will be visible around the world.

Additionally there is an extensive variety of accessories, 2 professional diameter 31.8mm (1.25") eyepieces, a 2 x Barlow lens and image rectifier for terrestrial usage. This is an excellent kit for observation needs, complete with metal tripod, mount and operational instructions in 8 languages.

Konus Konustart 700 Telescope


  • Diameter 60 mm (2".4), focal length 700 mm (27"), focal ratio f/11.6
  • Altazimuthal mount without motors
  • Metal tripod 69÷116 cm (2.3÷3.8 ft.)
  • Stardot finder scope
  • Eyepieces H 8 mm and H 20 mm, diam. 31.8 mm (1".25)
  • Magnification with supplied eyepieces 87.5x and 35x.
  • Barlow lens 2x and lunar filter
  • Atlas of the sky
  • Carry Case

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