Konuspace 6 Telescope

The Konuspace 6 telescope is a precise optical instrument that has been made with extreme care in every detail. Observation with this telescope will be easy, and it is amazing to begin to observe the Sky and to learn.

You can see the surface of the moon at up to 100X magnified with this high-quality beginners telescope.

This high-quality metal refractor telescope comes with all-glass optics.

Made by Konus, one of the most respected European brand names in telescopes and microscopes.

They are supplied with the cd-rom with "Sky Explorer" software, metal tubes, achromatic lenses and aluminum tripod.

Konuspace 6 telescope I

Technical Features

  • Refractor telescope with multicoated optics
  • Diameter 60 mm (2.4"), focal lenght 800 mm (31".5), focal ratio f/13.3
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Metal tripod 67÷116 cm (2.2÷3.8 ft.)
  • 5x24 finderscope
  • 90° diagonal mirror
  • Moon filter
  • eyepieces H 8 mm and H 20 mm, dia. 24.5 mm (1")
  • magnification with supplied eyepieces 100x and 40x
  • 2X Barlow Lens, dia. 24.5 mm (1") magnification with supplied eyepieces 200x and 80x
  • Net Weight 4KgsBox
  • Box Dimensions 76 x 27 x 17 cm3

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